LTA + D is an architecture and interior design company based in Rome and specialized in residential and commercial.

Our aim is to provide inspiration to conceive a project and care to deliver it.

Is putting all our knowledge and expertise towards the design and construction of architecture of excellence.

We believe architecture is a fundamental force shaping the lives of people and we want our impact to be positive.

We beleve that in order to deliver and guarantee profesional services it is foundamental the development of professional synergies through an integrated and coordinated design approach that inludes structural design, landscape design, lighting design, furniture design, acoustic, sustainable design and so on.

The goal is to keep the project under control in all its aspects: aesthetic, functional and economic.

And it is precisely by combining aesthetics, creativity and tecnology with the passion for materials and design, that LTA + D specializes also in interior design in accordance with the needs, cultures and desires of its refined international clientele.

The synergy between technical solutions, Italian craftsmanship and design is reflected in environments that combine innovation, tradition, custom-made furnishings, exclusive finishes.

Developing a unique and exclusive concept for each client is fundamental for the studio, which coordinates the design process, and all the following phases, to ensure that the result is an added value compared to the simple sum of its parts.

Through the partnership with LTA + D Italia, the studio also offers a direct supply service of Italian and European materials and products, guaranteeing its customers a “turnkey” service.